Shona Gallery
        Exotic Imports & Exports had its beginning when Stephen Loitz made a six month trip around the world in 1990. National and cultural boundaries are transparent to Steve, who mixes with the people and quickly makes friends wherever he goes. On his first trip he made purchases of local art and crafts, and upon his return to the US he decided to start an import business concentrating on the art of several southeast African countries. His business quickly grew and now is a 16,000 square foot gallery showroom located in central Connecticut -  Shona Gallery. It has become a destination with both collectors and wholesale buyers visiting from all over the US and Canada.

        Steve currently makes two or three trips a year to Africa where he works long days and nights procuring the art directly from the artists and craftsmen in their own studios. Steve believes that the variety of art that he offers provides an esthetically stimulating experience for both connoisseurs and lay persons alike. Whether ceremonial Drums from the Zambezi river valley, masks from all over Africa, fabrics, wall hangings, furniture, or baskets, you will find treasures.

        Shona Gallery now features stone and mixed media sculpture from all corners of Zimbabwe. We have perhaps the largest collection of Shona sculpture in America. From the beautiful Eastern Highlands to Bulawayo in the South, from Harare, and other regions, come gorgeous sculpted stone pieces.  Zimbabwe's rich mineral deposits bring forth exotic colored Verdite, Lepidolite, Opal Stone, and various Serpentines. Steve is always ready to advise you on the selection and enjoyment of the art. 


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